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With BEAMCUBE you be able to design living, digital territories, integrating natural feedstocks and materials, to achieve climate neutral buildings, and infrastructure with the lowest possible ecological footprint.

Our ambition

BEAM CUBE’s ambition is to imagine, develop and provide a different concept of project management for buildings, infrastructures, cities, and regions,

with an innovative and global approach based on living digital twins.

Intrinsically based on enhanced collaboration, BEAM CUBE’S vision seamlessly integrates all the entities operating within a given area, to the benefit of project management, whether they are architects or town planners, craftsmen or large companies, developers or individuals, small towns and villages, or state bodies, property managers or landowners, elected representatives and across all government levels.

This vision is made possible by cloud-based, cyber-secure collaborative tools developed by Dassault Systèmes, transferring the most advanced industrial approaches to the building and infrastructure sectors, at costs accessible to all operators.

We translate this vision into real time service provision made accessible to all stakeholders. The enabling component of our system is the digital base of simple and complementary processes, capable of providing real, practical and operational tools to everyone.

Our fields of application

BEAM CUBE offers a unique operating model and approach that can be applied to any project, based on the transferability of PLM (Project Lifecycle Management) methodologies, to any real-life project system and subsystem.

Building and infrastructure



Type of users: Partner manufacturers
Issue: Monitoring of work, management of subcontractors, final validation of a digital twin as built

Type of users: Partner manufacturers
Issue: Monitoring of work, management of subcontractors, final validation of a digital twin as built

Type of user: Design offices, partners
Issue: Creation of functional plans, enrichment of the digital site twin with its future state

The digital twin makes it possible to describe and control a life cycle: Idea to construction to operation to modification

Type of user: Site Programme Management
Issue: Imagine and decide on the launch of a project (a new space/building) or transformation of an existing building
Role: programme management, technical and methodological expertise

Type of user: external operators + architect and construction engineers
Issue: Designing the virtual twin of the new project

BEAM CUBE is Dassault Systèmes selected partner for the development and distribution of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, deploying end-to-end-product data solutions, to the construction and infrastructure sectors, as well as implementing  digitally-enabled territorial governance models. 

BEAM CUBE builds upon more than 40 years’ 3DEXPERIENCE for industry applications, to achieve digital excellence and customer success.

Beyond 3D models virtual digital synthesis, the real revolution enabled by the application of digital tools and PLM methodologies within industrial sectors since the 2000s is simple. Yet, operators often failed to recognise it:

Full transparency – Ensuring that at any given time, all project stakeholders have the correct information, created with the best tools and know-how, in the right version, validated by the right person, shared in a simple and collaborative way.

Common Taxonomies – Create a single, centrally governed, management system, based on total data continuity, to ensure that everyone has access to single, shared resource reference at all times.

Full traceability – Relying on a simple, common, and dynamic model, enabling users to keep track and recreate all past and future versions of the project, representing the state of the works at any given time. This allows to benchmark and compare current status versus the aimed state of the project.

Full responsiveness – To readjust the project hypotheses at any time in relation to its evolution

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) at the service of building and infrastructure assets, territorial governance models, pursuing the achievement of 30/50 climate objectives.

Productisation approach for the: building industries :capitalising on the beyond the state of the art processes and know-how: operating in duplicable digital environments through the 3EXPERIENCE platform.

Transforming project management, by adopting systemic collaboration, and PLM-enabled design, towards the integration of full lifecycle stages throughout the value-chain and resource management, from design to post end-of-life stages, leveraging the deployment of Living Digital Twins.

Create real business and operational continuity throughout digital continuity encompassing data, processes, intelligence.

It gathers and describes all the past and present states of the objects composing a system, be it a building, an infrastructure or a region, but also activities and life within this system environment.

It also gathers the possible hypotheses of future evolutions of these objects, systems of objects and related activities.

It is naturally fed and kept up to date by the processes of use, consultation, projections, decisions and measurements that are attached to it throughout the life cycles of its components.

It is therefore a mirror of the present, a history of the past, and a set of potential visions of the future.

BEAM CUBE accompagne

Ils nous font confiance :

A multi-skilled team at your service To enable you to work more freely! Simply!

The BEAM CUBE team reflects the approach it takes: flexible, curious, multi-skilled and multi-disciplinary. It combines experience in industry and digital technology with local knowledge of the building, infrastructure sectors, and territorial governance.

We come from a range of backgrounds; from large corporates to SMEs and individual craftsmen, so we know that real life work needs rigour, pragmatism, adaptability, anticipation and, above all, the ability to listen!


Because real performance and success is always a collective performance, BEAM CUBE teams consist of a many specialities and skills… to share and be shared, with our clients and partners. 

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